Tecloid Technologies

Bridging Broadcast Networks

Tecloid Technologies

Bridging Broadcast Networks

Tecloid Technologies

Bridging Broadcast Networks

Tecloid Technologies

Bridging Broadcast Networks

Tecloid Technologies

Bridging Broadcast Networks

About Tecloid

Systems integration for television and broadcast requires attention to detail and a vast range of skills and experience, which is exactly what we offer here at Tecloid Technologies we specialize in the integration of broadcast and satellite uplink, as well as play-out transmission systems, post production systems and studio integrations.

Broadcast integration made simple
Our goal is to make the integration process simpler for customers by providing all the services you need for any broadcast project, without out-sourcing. We control all aspects of production, which reduces time-scales and costs, and ensures exceptionally high-quality results. We deliver everything our customers need – from consultancy and training to chassis supply and shipping assistance. Our systems team travels globally to supply on-site systems and support worldwide.

Support & Maintenance

We provide ongoing maintenance of broadcast equipment and radio transmission systems, both those supplied and installed by ourselves and by third parties. We offer a service which comprises three elements:
> availability of 24/7 on-call emergency engineering support
> an annual inspection to test all systems and demonstrate compliance
> continuous monitoring of systems by telemetry linked to our Network Monitoring Center

Emergency support
Our emergency service extends from responding to alarms generated by the telemetry system, through providing telephone support to station staff to assist with a self-help solution, to on-site call-outs. Emergency support is provided at the request of the Client, and we will always consult before embarking on actions with significant cost implications.

Our services are available 24/7/365, and we operate on the basis of best endeavors with target minimum response times. We hold a selection of spare and standby equipment. Our aim is to deal with emergencies as quickly and efficiently as possible because we know how important it is stay on air.

Annual Inspection
The Inspection is a planned programme to test the operation and functionality of all main and backup systems. Any noted faults, drifts, deteriorations or non-compliances - if they can’t be fixed on the spot - will be identified for actioning. Maintenance Tests and measurements are made using calibrated test equipment and are recorded and included in a written report which also serves to demonstrate compliance with Tecloid Technologies Engineering Code of Practice. The inspection covers all major aspects of the system including deviation, power, return loss, and spectral occupancy, as well as assessments of security and access, checks on consumables such as fan filters and batteries, and a non-climbing visual inspection of aerials. Also included in the report are suggestions and recommendations for improvements and enhancements to the system. The inspection is therefore a complete health check - a combined” service and MOT”, if you like - to ensure the system is, and remains, working effectively and reliably.

Solution Service

We have been working hard to make our broadcast solutions cover all the processes from Production and Media Management to Automation, Distribution, Screens, Business Intelligence and much, much more. Now is the time to start over, rethink and take your Company from the traditional End-to-End system to Anywhere you can imagine. Now is the time you might want to have one of our consultants take a look at what you can achieve.

Tecloid Technologies designs, builds, installs, integrates and maintains end-to-end video and audio solutions for broadcasters as well as production and post-production houses. We offer technology and services to take you from image capture through to transmission and beyond.

Our full service offering utilises leading brands to deliver bespoke solutions that rival those of the best broadcasters, production and post-production houses across the world. Our decades of experience and longstanding strategic alliances with the best global brands have enabled us to gain unrivalled depth of technical knowledge and experience in the industry.

Implements and realises projects in the areas of Outside Broadcast, Satellite Communication, Studio and MCR Broadcast Facilities, Sport Arena Multimedia Solutions as well as mobile Security and Surveillance Solutions. A further emphasis of the company is to consult our customers when it comes to workflow optimization, trainings and production consultancy. Acting as a distribution company Broadcast Solutions offers sale and rental of exclusive and innovative products in defined areas or as worldwide distributor. Tecloid Technologies working as a system integrator Broadcast Solutions offers its customers tailor-made solutions – from idea to implementation and beyond.

Broadcast Integration

Broadcast Integration Services is a dedicated group of professionals providing Planning, Engineering and Integration services for the Broadcast, Corporate, Educational, and Retail sectors. We strive to understand your business and facility goals, from acquisition to transmission, from production through presentation. Our clients have come to regard us as a valued resource, not merely another vendor.

Today's communication executives are faced with the most sophisticated technology choices in the world. Advances in technology have made communications and broadcast equipment necessary to nearly every organization, across virtually every field or industry.

Broadcast Integration Service's seasoned industry professionals are here to guide clients through the myriad decisions involved in modern facility builds and upgrades, from acquisition through transmission, production and presentation. Tecloid Technologies is client-driven. Whether a boardroom upgrade, digital signage for your facility, or an entire ground-up production facility, we view each job as a singular opportunity. Your needs inform our approach. No job is too small.

In the era of multi-platform media, 24/7 content cycles, and cord-cutting consumers, old-fashioned production practices and linear workflows that originated during the golden age of television simply don’t cut it anymore. You need the technology to be seen when and where your viewers watch today, and the innovation to continue to capture and hold their attention tomorrow. With Tecloid Technologies, interconnected production solutions in your control room, studio, or OB unit, you have the leading-edge functionality to light up screens in the here and now—and future-proof your operations for whatever comes next. We know that in order to sustain your audience in today’s world you must effectively appeal to their audiovisual senses. We will design, integrate and support your AV system for one extraordinary solution. We understand that the project does not end at installation. Our goal is to make our customers feel confident so that they receive the highest return on their investment with their understanding.


Digitization can help you to get rid of complexities related to preservation of tapes besides the content digitalized add-on advantages such as lesser consumption of space, sorting – age / genre / category / priority / customization as required as well as cataloguing with meta tags become easy and effective. Digitization is the first step in case you like go for restoration of your analogue asset. Once the content gets a digital face, it becomes an asset which can be easy modified on various parameters such as consistency in quality, low operational expenditures, optimized turn-around time of production and post work-flow, complimenting new generation consumption and additional monetization opportunities.

Consultation & Planning

For successful digitization, consultation would be the primary step- customer understands the process, shares expectations and the stages of content delivery.

The scrupulous plan of action is then done by our experts to ensure that the output is achieved through the digitalization process. Additional services handled by us include Restoration & Preservation and Media archival & Storage.


Content conversion from analogue to digital, with original source quality. Our methodical approach towards digital conversion is the key enabler to your re-purposing work- flow. The process of digitization starts with Inspection, Planning, Preparation, Digitization, Quality check and Archival. Transcoding and Metadata Cataloguing is a part of the process.

Additional Services

Restoration is an additional service which is happens after the digitization process, it’s complicated as well. The Video and audio part of the content undergo various stages of processing to ensure that the final out achieved is synchronized in terms of audio and video, at the same time the originality is untouched. The restored video in digital format needs to be preserved for future access. Media Archival & Storage ensures that the content which has been digitized is accessible as a back-up in case of data loss.


Current day consumption trend is the driving force of your media business. We enable virtually any profile transcoding for your demand which opens up the monetization scopes much bigger. Transcoding is the process by which the streams (Audio/ Video) would be converted into multiple resolutions / data rate enabling the content get adaptive. The solution for seamless streaming in multiple formats without manual interface of selection on the playout format. Technically, transrating and transsizing is taken care of in this process.

Content Preparation and Aggregation

The process starts by understanding the project goal of complete localization which would be generally multilingual. This means the content for that many number of language dubbing, voice-overs and subtitling required based on the target audience. This is incorporated into the video such that the language would be default based on region and any other language would be based on selection. After this phase of content preparation, the next would be aggregation that is multiple format output, perfection is standard, wrapping or aggregation for a video to play native irrespective of platform / codecs / format.

Metadata cataloguing

Simple keyword search to extensive key frame searching is possible with the metadata, giving more details and helps organizing the asset better. Metadata generally may be defined as data which describes about the data which is available in any storage. Meta accordingly to technology means an underlying description. The summarization of data which would help locating data easier in any particular instance is called as Metadata cataloguing. Example a clip of a particular data based on date, location, etc… this assistance provided to locate the same in content in the shortest possible time.

Quality Check

Current day consumption trend is the driving force of your media business. Quality is the critical element in any business. The digital media laws have also made this aspect fundamental. A thorough quality check is inevitable to ensure safe handling of multi format, variable bit-rate of assets, resultant output which would make the customer happy.



Trilogic is a French R&D company specialized for 20 years in the conception and development of professional products for the digital video distribution (Broadcast: terrestrial, cable, satellite, IPTV…). Today our team has a strong and recognized experience in the DVB and IP Video domains, which allows us to offer a wide range of products for TV & digital radio, as well as the new multi-screen video distribution technologies.

Thanks to its light structure, Trilogic is a truly agile company and relies on its skills to design competitive and innovative solutions, which integrate the latest technologies in the market (OTT, HEVC, 4K…) Our products are used in many countries in the world and can adapt to local specificities. We are able to customize them to meet our customers specific requirement.

Among the very first users of DekTec products (modulation cards, SDI interfaces, DVB analyzer …) and thanks to our technical expertise, we have been selected by DekTec as their exclusive distributor for France since 2003.

LYRAE Monitoring Multiviewer

LYRAE is a TV or Radio programs monitoring solution It comes with 2 main features:

First, it’s a smart analysis device able to detect issues on the contribution or distribution monitored streams.

It is also a flexible visualisation tool, giving complete freedom to its operator for the composition of the multiviewer screen: Each element can be freely scaled and moved according to the constraints or habits of each customer.


  • IP (Multicast, Unicast, UDP, RTP 2250)
  • OTT (HLS)
  • ASI
  • RF (DVB-S/S2,DVB-T/T2,ISDB-T,etc…)
  • SDI, HD-SDI, 3G-SDI, 6G-SDI, 12G-SDI
  • Supported Formats

  • Video: MPEG-2, H.264, HEVC (Option)
  • Pixel formats: 4:2:0, 4:2:2, 4:4:4
  • Audio: MPEG1/L2, MPEG1/L3, AAC-LC, he-AACv1/v2, Dolby AC3-E/AC3
  • Outputs

  • HDMI
  • Display Port / DVI
  • SD/HD/3G/6G/12G-SDI
  • IP (Multicast UDP)
  • Composition

  • Video Thumbnails
  • Audio Vumeter
  • Clocks
  • Still images with auto refresh
  • Templates support
  • Flexible labeling of thumbnails
  • Multi screen support
  • Any output screen resolution, 4K included (see below)

  • Integration with 3rd party systems

  • Comprehensive XML format for defining the sources, layout and monitoring parameters
  • IP socket interface for getting the status and controlling Lyrae
  • Easy integration with Dataminer thanks to the existing driver
  • QOS Analysing and Monitoring

  • Signal loss
  • Paquet loss
  • Video or Audio PID missing
  • QOE Analysing and Monitoring

  • Black
  • Freeze
  • Audio level (high and low) / Silence
  • Display of Teletext / OP47 subtitles
  • Alarms

  • Colored border on the mosaic around thumbnails of failing services
  • SNMP Traps
  • Events log
  • Support for advanced combined alarm rules
  • Support for external alarms display
  • Operations and Management

  • Advanced web based GUI for composing the multiviewer screens
  • Setting any of the input stream audio to the output audio or in the web GUI
  • APIs for controlling and getting the alarm status of each stream
  • Display of the inputs thumbnails in the web interface for remote monitoring
  • Seamless layout change support
  • Encoded IP stream outputs
  • Roadmap

  • DVB Subtitles: EN 300 743, VBI
  • SMPTE 2022-6/SMPTE 2110 Stream inputs (Nov 2019)
  • ALBIREO Multipurpose Encoder

    ALBIREO is a versatile audio/video encoder able to encode and stream to various target platforms from live sources. In addition to its encoding feature, it also includes a multiplexer allowing multiple sources to be grouped in a multiple service transport stream (MPTS) and broadcasted over RF, IP or ASI.

    ALBIREO differentiators are its competitive per channel pricing, its high density and its upgradability.


  • Audio and Video Preview
  • Compatible with Firefox / Chrome / IE9
  • Straight forward Management from its Web GUI
  • Physical Inputs

  • IP (UDP/IP, Multicast)
  • ASI, DVB-T, DVB-S/S2
  • HDMI (480i, 576i, 720p, 1080i, 1080p)
  • SD/HD SDI (480i, 576i, 720p, 1080i, 1080
  • AES (up to 16 stereo inputs)
  • Video Decoding

  • Dynamic Scaling
  • MPEG-2 (SD/HD), H.264 (SD/HD)
  • Aspect Formatting (Letterbox, Pan and Scan)
  • Audio Decoding

  • MPEG-1 Layer II
  • AAC, AAC+, eAAC+
  • Dobly Digital(AC-3, E-AC-3) passthrough

  • Video Encoding

  • 4:3, 16:9 Ratios
  • PAL and NTSC Formats
  • SQCIF to Full HD Resolution
  • Video Plugins

  • Logo Insertion
  • Clock Insertion
  • Scrolling Text Insertion
  • Audio Encoding

  • Mono and Stereo modes
  • 32 KHz, 48 KHz sampling
  • MPEG-1 Layer II, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, Passthrough
  • Outputs

  • SPTS/MPTS (UDP/IP, Multicast (IGMPv3))
  • RTMP (Live streaming on Dailymotion, etc)
  • HTTP Live Streaming (iPhone, iPad)
  • CUTSCENE Content Extraction and Publication

    CUTSCENE is an easy to use content recording, extraction and publishing tool for video content. From the original live content to the cextraction and publishing on video sharing platformsc with proper meta-data, CUTSCENE helps on all the steps.

    Using the content provider scheduling data and a smart user in- terface, it allows the user to quickly select the video clip in and out points with high accuracy. It can then concatenate several sequences and add an intro / outro at the edges of the generated clip.

    The publishing of the clip can be done on a file server or directly on the video sharing platforms

    Input streams

  • IP: SPTS/MPTS.UDP,Unicast,Multicast(IGMPv3)
  • OTT: HLSstreams
  • Video Processing

  • Concatenation of the different video segments
  • Transcoding to a different video format
  • Insertion of Intro/Outro using preset video samples
  • Burn in of title, description, end roll from metadata with control of the font type, size and position
  • Burnin of timestamp
  • Codecs for the input

  • Audio: AAC(LCv1v2),MPEG2Audio
  • Vidéo: H.264

  • Integration

  • Parsing of scheduling metadata for pre-tagging the input stream easily.
  • Output of metadata file along with the video clip file
  • User Interface

  • Video and Audio preview from the interface
  • Comprehensive management GUI
  • Compatible avec les derniers navigateurs web
  • Easy to use marking interface with GOP accuracy
  • Input/Edit form for the metadata of the output file. Can be prefilled if relevant metadata is imported.
  • Customisable buttons and controls for a seamless integration with end-user workflow
  • Output options

  • Video file download or FTP upload
  • Audio only export is possible (example: for podcasts)
  • Upload to video sharing platforms (requires the credentials of the end user)
  • XML file containing the metadata of the video clip for archiving or later publishing
  • B2MOSAIC Channel Multiviewer

    B2mosaic is a digital mosaic generation system, allowing to compose a navigation screen with multiple thumbnails created from video streams (SD or HD) or still pictures. As the system directly receives the input streams from its IP or ASI interfaces, the system is fully autonomous, and does not need any supplemental encoding or decoding devices.

    Each device is a 1 RU PC-based plateform allowing the composition of a picture including up to 20 thumbnails. Each input service is scaled and repositioned in order to compose the final picture. This picture is then encoded and broadcasted in a MPEG2/TS stream, alongside audio channels, MPEG-2 tables, and metadata. Finally, the mosaic allows to broadcast application based upon client middleware, in order to integrate easily in every set-top-box environment. If 20 thumbnails is not enough, it is also possible to link several devices for increased computing power, or to handle multiple “mosaic pages”, each page being displayed in order for an amount of time configured by the user.

    The mosaic composition is done using a WYSIWYG application, which connects to the B2Mosaic platform to seamlessly update its configuration. For each thumbnail, it is possible to define a size, the service it will contain, as well as cosmetic options (e.g. rounded corners, …). It is also possible to copy/paste thumbnails in order to speed up the layout design.

    Video Inputs

  • Up to 32 SD or
  • Up to 16 SD
  • Encoding
  • H.264 MP@L3
  • MPEG-2 TS sur UDP/IP, SPTS ou MPTS
  • Processing
  • Dynamic resizing, positioning, video quality pre-processing, decoding resolution, cropping
  • Audio Inputs

  • MPEG1 Layer II
  • Dolby Digital (AC-3) passthrough
  • AAC
  • Transcoding – Pass-Through, MPEG1 Layer II, AAC
  • Physical Inputs

  • IP
  • ASI

  • Output Stream

  • NTSC or PAL
  • Bitrate range: 2.5Mbps to 15 Mbps
  • NTSC Resolutions: 1920×1080, 1280×720, 720×480, 704×480, 640×480, 544×480, 480×480, 352×480, 240×480
  • PAL Resolutions: 1920×1080, 1440×1080, 1280×720, 720×576, 544×576, 480×576, 352×576, 352×288
  • Aspect Ratios: 4:3, 16:9
  • Physical Specifications

  • Power consumption 550 W
  • Redundant Power Supply, hot-plug (670 Watts)
  • Dimensions (LxHxP) 19″ x 3.5″ x 31.5″
  • EIA Standard mounting 19” rack, 1-RU
  • KSIS SDI Checker/Analyser

    KSIS is a portable SDI visualisation solution. It is composed of an HD/SDI hardware capture module, the DekTec DTU-351 and a dedicated software working on any laptop equipped with a touchscreen or a tablet PC running Windows 10 like the Microsoft Surface Pro.

    The visualisation software KSIS takes full advantage of the touchscreen in order to provide an ergonomic and efficient tool to monitor and verify HD/SDI streams wherever you are.

    KSIS can capture the raw SDI data on a file that can be played back in the software itself or on any other PC with a DekTec SDI output interface.

    EMP –Centauri

    EMP-Centauri Company, founded in 1995, develops and manufactures electronic and electrical equipment. Main company's products are intended primarily for distribution of satellite and terrestrial television signals, radio, data and Internet.

    The devices developed and manufactured by us differ from competing products by their specific design that allows transmission of data and signals over a single coaxial cable to the user while maintaining a user-friendly price, which simplifies requirements for the installation of our equipment at the customer, saves time and work done by installer and ultimately provides the customer higher added value.

    The company's products are exported to many countries in the world, the installations with our products can be found in a number of buildings in Europe and in the world. Our team builds on more than 20 years of experience in development and production in this segment.

    Thanks to that and to our unique technology, we can offer to customers products at an affordable price while maintaining high quality and value.

    Tecloid has associated with EMP-Centauri as the distributor for Qatar region.

    EMP – Centauri specializes in the below product line:

    CATV Products
    Fiber Optic Products

    Please visit https://www.emp-centauri.cz/ for product details and call us at +974-500-08179 to know more.

    'Click here for the product catalog'

    Mobile Viewpoint

    Anywhere anytime go live, edit, stream and share your high-quality live video through the unique solutions of Mobile Viewpoint. Headquartered in Alkmaar, the Netherlands, Mobile Viewpoint works worldwide through international sales offices and distribution networks across more than 100 countries. With its team of Europe’s finest software developers, Mobile Viewpoint WMT products offer the best in the market for the video professional of today.

    In today’s fast-paced world of changing linear TV viewing behaviour, live streaming to social media and changing business models, the ability to deliver live video is more important than ever before. Today’s mobile networks enable broadcasters and security companies to share live video fast, secure and cost-efficient from almost every location in the world. It proves that public Internet is now widely accepted as the channel for cost-effective and fast publishing and sharing of content. Mobile Viewpoint offers portable and fixed encoding devices to enable fast and reliable video contribution with just a click of a button.

    In combination with our LinkMatrix web platform, a video feed is published on Facebook and Youtube at the same time. The LinkMatrix enables the creation of playlist and live switching turning Facebook and Youtube into a full broadcast channel. Mobile Viewpoint supports the latest H.265 video encoding technology which enables the highest quality possible quality using the lowest bandwidth and our award-winning bonding technology.

    Mobile Viewpoint is an innovative company that develops IP solutions for both the media and security industry. Mobile Viewpoint has a proven track record in developing custom solutions for major broadcasters and governmental organizations worldwide.

    Mobile Viewpoint stands out offering the following unique features and capabilities:
    • 1. H 265 encoding
    • 2. live streaming to multiple online platforms with just a touch of a button
    • 3. 4K
    • 4. Multicamera Broadcast Solutions
    • 5. Ruggedized casting of our devices
    • 6. Small, compact sized
    • 7. Databonding upto 120Mbit

    Mobile Encoders

    AI Solutions


    Zixi provides a cloud based, on-premise and/or hybrid live streaming Software-Defined Video Platform that enables flexible, secure and scalable broadcast-quality video delivery over IP. Clients include leading global broadcasters, over-the-top TV providers and media service providers.

    Zixi makes it easy and economical for media companies to source, manage, localize, and distribute live events and 24/7 live linear channels in broadcast QoS, securely and at scale, over any IP, any protocol, any cloud provider and any edge device.

    Zixi provides enhanced control over large complex networks with ZEN Master, a cloud-based platform that provides visual tools to configure, orchestrate and monitor live broadcast channels and events across industry protocols. The Zixi Enabled Network (ZEN) has grown to over 180 OEM and service providers and we serve well over 700 customers representing most of the top media brands around the world with thousands of channels services delivered daily.

    Complete Control
    Our ZEN Master control plane provides a central control plane for orchestrating, managing and monitoring live broadcast channels and events across industry at scale
    Flawless Performance
    With over a decade of unmatched technological advancements, our ongoing innovation ensures you are always on, no matter what comes next.
    99.999% Reliability
    Our technology delivers unparalleled broadcast-quality reliability with hitless failover of machines, networks and/or streams.
    Cost Savings & New Revenue
    By delivering video over IP networks, you realize significant savings over traditional methods such as fiber, leased lines, MPLS and satellite while capturing new revenue streams.
    Constant Visibility
    In-Stream Analytics—technology that is exclusive to the Zixi Software-Defined Video Platform—help maintain unsurpassed encoding, content, network and video transport quality.
    With our technology embedded in the equipment from 180+ OEM and service providers, you’ll have access to the largest network of broadcast partners in the world. Platform partners use Zixi tools to leverage internet networks and extend the breadth and depth of their service reach.
    Best-in-Class Security
    Only Zixi provides channel password protection, DTLS UDP stream processing and AES-256 payload encryption for industry-leading content protection.

    Delivering Broadcast-Quality Live Video Over All IP
    ZIXI ENABLED NETWORK - The Largest Global Ecosystem For Live Video

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